Monika Kozak
UX/UI Designer.

I have a master's degree in art history and began my career working in a contemporary art gallery.

I then transitioned into web development, earning several professional certificates and creating numerous websites at a web agency. Currently, I'm a leading UX/UI Designer at an award-winning MedTech startup, where I design complex healthcare digital products. In the meantime, I'm finalising a Diploma in UX Design course to ensure that I follow the best industry standards.

In my work, I strive to merge aesthetics with functionality. You're invited to explore sample projects that showcase my approach to the UX process.

Usability Testing.

Conducting usability testing to observe user interactions, taking detailed notes on their experiences and feedback.

Affinity Diagram.

Organizing the collected insights and observations into an affinity diagram to identify patterns and key themes.

User Journey Map.

Creating a user journey map to visualize the user’s experience and interactions with the product from start to finish.

Flow Diagram.

Developing a flow diagram to outline the logical sequence of steps users take to complete tasks within the product.


Wireframes are a fundamental part of the UX process, serving as a blueprint for the layout and structure of a digital product.

Web Design.

Implementing the visual and functional design of the websites, focusing on aesthetics, responsiveness, and user engagement.

Welcome to my Portfolio!

The most difficult part is probably talking about myself, as it’s really not about me, but my work…

Interests: European art, humanism, Ancient Greece, scuba diving, food, fitness, hiking.

Personality: Problem-solving, empathetic, optimistic, stoic, hardworking, constantly learning new skills.

Values: Courage, resilience, kindness.



Master’s Degree in Art History
University of Warsaw
2000 - 2005​
Web Developer Course
Certificates: HTML & CSS PHP, MySQL
Diploma in UX Design
UX Design Institute, Ongoing


UX/UI, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development

AllView Healthcare, Dublin
2022 - Present
UX/UI Design:

  • Researching industry standards and competitors, as well as user and business needs through competitive benchmarking and user interviews.
  • Designing user journeys for medical services: Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Vascular.
  • Problem-solving and ideation to generate innovative solutions.
  • Designing wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs for an award-winning medical platform.
  • Conducting usability testing to refine designs.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including all stakeholders: operations, medical teams, governance, and developers.

Graphic Design:

  • Digital assets: brand guidelines, PPT templates, HTML email signatures, icons, graphics, charts, and presentations.
  • Printed materials: patient information leaflets, brochures, medical forms, business cards, signage, car wraps, lanyards, water bottles, coffee cups, and conference banners.

Web Design & Development:

  • Designing, developing, and maintaining the company’s WordPress website.
  • Developing digital forms to process patients’ medical data.

Web Design & Development

Big Top Multimedia, Dublin
2015 - 2022
Web Design, Development & Maintenance:

  • Web design and development: all phases of a project’s life cycle including planning, design, development, testing, implementation, SEO, GDPR compliance, and accessibility.
  • Maintenance: event management and attendee coordination, email campaign management and audience segmentation, E-commerce product management and order processing.

Event Management

Zacheta Gallery of Contemporary Art, Warsaw
2001 - 2010
Planning & Execution:

  • Events & workshops accompanying temporary exhibitions.
  • On-demand art history lectures for schools.

  • Art History textbook for high school, Nowa Era Publishing House, 2003